bath and body works gift card balanceĀ 

how do check your bath and body works gift card balance online?

To access your Bath and Body Works gift card balance online, follow these steps.

Visit the Bath and Body Works website. Once on their gift card balance page, navigate to either "Gift Cards" section or use search bar for gift card balance page and you should see a field or form where you can enter gift card number and PIN to view balance details.

Enter both your gift card number and PIN in the appropriate fields on a website's "Check Balance" or similar button, then press GO. Your card's balance, along with any transaction history available should then appear as soon as you hit "GO."

If you can't locate your gift card balance page at Bath and Body Works website, contact their customer service for help. They should be able to give you your balance either over the phone or by email.

How do I check the balance on my Bath & Body Works gift card?

Bath and Body Works Gift Card used in the U.S. stores, by calling or via our online.

In Stores:

Show your Gift Card at the counter while you are checking out.


At the time of checkout, you will see the box that says "Gift Card/E-Gift Card" on the payment page. You must enter the Gift Card number as well as your PIN and then press APPLY. Gift cards purchased from Bath & Body Works stores located in Canada can't be used on the internet.

If your Gift Card has been damaged, lost or stolen Contact Customer Care by calling 1-800-756-5005 (TDD number: 1-877-215-545)

How do I locate the PIN

To redeem the Gift Cards on-line, you will need to enter the number of the Gift Card number as well as the PIN of the card at checkout. Your PIN will be located under an eraser on the back of your gift Card.

If you're experiencing difficulty finding your pin, reach us by calling 1-800-756-5005 (TDD #: 1-877-215-545).

Unused balances will remain on the Gift Card and may be used to make the purchase of future items

How do I use a Bath and Body Works gift card?

In-Store Purchase:

Stop by at any Bath & Body Works store.

Choose the products you wish to buy.

Make your way to the cashier counter.

Let the cashier know that you'll be using a the gift card.

Transfer your gift card at the cashier.

The cashier scans the gift card then subtract the amount of purchase from the balance of the card.

If the amount of your purchase is greater than the amount of the gift card, you'll have to settle the remainder of the amount using a different method of payment.

Online Purchase:

Go to on the Bath & Body Works website.

Select the products you'd like to purchase.

Place the items into your cart.

Go to the checkout.

In the process of making a payment you will see an option to use the gift card.

Enter the number of your gift card as well as the PIN if asked.

The site will add the balance of your gift card to your total order.

If your order's total is greater than the balance of your gift card, you'll need to offer an alternative method of payment to cover any remaining balance.

Via Phone:

If you'd prefer to make your order by phone, then you could make use of the Bath & Body Works gift card.

Call Bath & Body Works customer service.

Tell the customer service rep that you are making use of a gift card for payment.

Give the number of your gift card and the PIN when asked.

The agent will add the balance of your gift card to the order amount.

In the event of a need, you could be required to submit a new way of paying for the resting unpaid balance.

Once you've used the gift card, be sure to store it safely for the event that you have a left-over balance to be used for purchases in the future.

Do Bath and Body Works gift cards expire?

Bath & Body Works gift cards usually do not come with any expiration dates. That means the money in the gift card will continue to be valid until they're fully utilized or when the balance on the card is zero. It is important to review the conditions and terms of your particular gift card since guidelines may vary based upon the area or nature of the gift card. If you're not sure regarding the policy on expiration for the Bath & Body Works gift card, please call their customer support to get clarification

How to Purchase Gift Cards

Check out the gifts Cards page for more information and to start. Purchases of Gift Cards do not count towards promotional deals.

Delivery & Shipping:

Returning Gift Cards:

The gift cards cannot be exchanged for previous purchases, or use to pay off the balance on a credit card or to purchase a gift card. Gift Cards and Electronic Gift Cards are redeemable to purchase cash only when the total value is less.